Goin In Circles Testo

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Testo Goin In Circles

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Young Tone:]
Up late going hard in the studio
Look when I rap I hope you feel it that's for you to know
I hit the blunt and pass the 100 proof to Julio
The critiques got the camera rolling like a movie though
Look I'm a monster school yard bully flow
I know a couple niggaz twist your wig like coolio
Riding through the strip blunt lit with a groupie hoe
I got the them hooked onlineCall of duty flow
Oh them nigga hate it how I switch up
All the girls pick us Louis vuitton zip up
If my name coming out his mouth like a hiccup
All my niggaz clip up the doc gone have to stitch up
KNow it's money calling every time my phone lift up
Ha The plug Calling quiet down while I pick up
That's all I am saying do you rap actors
You hustling wrong you're a pedalinh backwards

[Ray Al:]
Higher than king james vertical
Going in circles getting Dizzy blowing purple os
Grind don't waste all your time trying to flirt with hoes
You ain't gon have suck to show when's that curtain close
And them lazy niggaz will hurt you
So I get it in early like curfew
If they don't feel a nigga now they gon learn to
Super bowl flow but they watch it for the commercial

And my mom play my father's role bad little snotty nose
Never made of honor roll
Future still promising a kick it like karate flow
Sky diving minus the parachute geronimo
Plenty lick a lot of smoke, gone like adios it hit my ass like a body
Blow to the abdominal
First string you other bumb rappers don't get to ball
Disregard big or small genocide kill them all
Rappers get up on the mic and say anything
That's why the hood ain't fucking with you like skinny jeans
First string ill5th winning team
And I heard you niggas rap mini me's
We gonna take the game over by any means
Know what I mean we exactly what the city needs
And I ain't trying to catch a charge like I'm in the key
Customer when it's all said and done they gone remember me
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