20/20 Testo

Testo 20/20

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Suddenly I see what someone said existed
right in front of me,
don't know how I could have missed it
guess it took a kick while down to come around
with a little sense and a couple better choices
all the petty bullshit could have been avoided
suddenly I see it, life is meant to be with you

Past mistakes made a mess of me
obvious now I see
I made more than plenty
and all these damn mistakes made it clear to me
that you're not just one of many
There's something different about you
I feel so good when I'm around you
one thing more to get used to
there's something different about you

Finally I see what someone said existed
right in front of me, it's the beauty of persistence
guess it took a little time to get it right
looking back at things now,
everything adds up
every drunken night, gonna put 'em all behind us
finally I see it, my life is meant to be with you
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