One Love Testo

Testo One Love

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
If there's love out there give it to me & help believe in unity
People of all races & ages won't you feel me
I want to extend to you my friend the new trend
There will be no strings attached to make the macth just the real me

[Chorus: x3]
It's one love
All around, all around the world

I want our voice to ring & ring with harmony
Never let a battle no destroy our family
We should embrace every race as a nation
There will be no strings attached to make the match it's a relation


If we live together in society
Divide if you wanna see catastrophy
God made everybody equal
Nobody's more special

[Rap 1:]
Been aroung the world & I I stay fly
Still manage to see things through my God's eye
Like Mariah I'm shakin' off the haters
[?] we suppost to love our neighbors
Thurn the other cheek quick to hear slow to speak
Slow to learn lesson learned you do the math
It's one love baby
And that's the truth baby
Let's come together & do what it do baby

[Rap 2:]
Pack it up baby it's time to make somethin' happen
But the happen can't be a solo project
Look to right
Look to the left
If the only that's being blessed is you you in the flesh
Jump around
Help a brother out pick a sister up
Call your mom & send your pop a couple of bucks
Exchange for the money money help
Baby stash for yourself then you help somebody out

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