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Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Been up and down been almost crushed to the ground
But somehow i still come out with my crown
Sometimes my hills seem unbearable
But lord dont move my mountain i'm believin in your miracle

I've never seen the righteous forsaken
I'd never have made it with out you

My joy, my peace, my happiness. My hope, my strength, my deliverence.
Ain't no stoppin my praise my diligence. My life i've dedicated cause i made it with you. I made it with you [6x]
Nobody but you [5x] I made it with you

I've had some smiles and some cries in my life
But you see me through them all always by my side
Sometimes the closest ones to me seem like enemies
But lord you make them my foot stool to prepare me

[Chorus] 2x

(i need everybody to say this)
oh oh oh ohhh. oh oh oh ohhh
(come on yall help me out)
oh oh oh ohhh. oh oh oh ohhh

Say i made it. Have i got a witness? say i made it. Anybody made it? Through the valley. Through the mountain. Through the joy


I made it. Said i made it. Is it anybody out there that know you made it? when the enemy tried to get you, you tell yo enemy, GET THEE BEHIND ME

And to the decievers, you thought you had me. Spreadin rumors all about me. I made it cause im more than a conquerer. So how you like me now?

To my killaz, you thought you had me. Plottin, schemin all around me. But im standin. Cuz there is no weapon, no weapon, formed against me, shall prosper...
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