Don't You Believe Me Testo

Testo Don't You Believe Me

(M.Karlsson / P.Olander / J.Lundholm)

I was dead in bed, the great hallucination
I slowly started to wake up
Too damn late, my ass on the line
Prepering for another manic day

Had a date downtown, blew it by an hour
A punch in my face, well, thanks a lot
She said; Hi, boy; bye, boy
Nailed to the ground
I, sort of, had to bend the truth

I know that, you know that
I'll do anything to make you mine
Oh, yeah

Don't you believe me
No track in time but a heart of gold
If you believe me here I am

Life is so simple, eight days a week
And forty-eight hours a day
If I choose to loose you
Honey there just wasn't any time
for that dream

I know that, you know that
I'll be by your side, just give me time
Oh, yeah
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