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Testo Of Sins Sublime - Koldborn

Invasione di Fabio Fazio a The Voice of Italy: "Abbassate il volume?"
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Emancipate the forever enslaved
Devouring sources of dismay
Consuming the not consumable
Controlling the uncontrollable

This solitude arose to abdicate
Lords of a distant world evoked within
Dethrone the kings of Old
Enthrone the extract of sins so cold

Forge the sins sublime
The sins sublime

Foul soils ignite transcendent abnormities
Conjured, employed by mad beliefs
Foul soils ignite grim lying deceit
Insubstantial concise; ignorant disease
For belief, just for belief...

-Repeat Chorus.

Vague cries of dark distant times...
Arose for abdication dissolved
Dethrone kings of Old
It's my time...
-the extract of sins so cold

I devour what thou can't digest
Turn soils sour, thy orders infest
Holy father moan & confess
Preached totems; convalescence in death

Behold the forge of sins sublime
Of sins sublime - the sins so vile

Scarica la suoneria di Of Sins Sublime - Koldborn!
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