Sorry Doesn't Cut It Anymore Testo

Testo Sorry Doesn't Cut It Anymore

Last night it finally hit me
You never treat me right
You don't a single thing about me
Every little thing always turns into a fight
That's when I saw something different about you
When you came home late last night
You said. "If you don't like how I'm living, just leave me."
Keep this up and I just might

Cause sorry doesn't it anymore
The last time was the last you swore
With each day it gets a little harder to ignore
That sorry doesn't cut it anymore

Shot that look you always give me
It use to bring me to my knees
You said, "I'm real sorry baby, can you forgive me?"
I just shut the door and took back my keys

I know all your tricks and why your out every night
I let you walk on my heart
That smile on your face won't get you back through this door
I don't think I want you no more

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