Watch You For Hours Testo

Testo Watch You For Hours

Well I can see you picking flowers
And I can see you talking with our friends
All day long, when ever I want
I can see you time and time again
No matter how much we're apart
You're always with me in my heart
It's your faith in me, your beautiful smile
Make me love you the why I do
I can watch you for hours with my eyes closed
When I'm out on the road I'm never alone
I'm walking with you hand in hand
But there's only one set of prints in the sand
I can watch you for hours with my eyes closed

I bought these pearls for you
That diamond ring was new
10 years ago when we first said our vows
Its been 2 years since you've passed on
Wishing you were here but I know you're gone
Still sitting here all alone
Gotta find the strength to finally move on

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