What Do I Do Testo

Testo What Do I Do

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I stopped looking for that someone
I was living all alone
Then across the room she smiled at me
I got this feeling down inside
Later on that night I sat down beside her
And talked like we were old friends
What we said that night were more than words
They we had to say goodbye

What do I do without you here beside me
And what do I do when I call out your name
What do i do to feel your arms around me
Don't get me wrong I'm sure glad you came
What do I do

Called her up last night right after our show
Each day it gets a little harder
Said she, "I think about you all the time."
Those words kept running through my mind

Living miles apart we're doing all we can
I know we'll be together, but until then

Now what do I do
What do I do
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