State Of Mind Testo

Testo State Of Mind

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
I stand tall with an arrogant grin
Filled with pride as
I chase the dreams that are riding on the wind
In ignorant determination watch me pursue
But I'm not and they're not enough to
satisfy the hunger pains of my soul
They are like fading mirages,
illusions that leave me sold
to the truth
That's the essence of me
. . . I'm not enough

So here I am
Broken on my knees stretching out my weary hands
Grasp them and lift me
Help me to find a rest in your arms
that can change my state of mind

I stagger the earth with one defeated sigh
I once was longing to live
now I'm longing to die
Having attained everything that I desired
was not enough
Not enough to quench the thirst for life,
for hope for peace
Captive to my pride
now I beg for sweet release
And then a voice breathes in whispers to my soul
"I am enough, I am enough"


Set my awkward steps straight in line
Move me to walk this life
with your hand in mine

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