Busted Testo

Testo Busted

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Bouncin' down the road
They're always catching out the guys
Big ones, small ones, saggy ones, pert ones
We try so hard to avert our eyes
We marvel at their beauty
And girls can't understand
Our enormous fascination
By these beautiful mammary glands

We are a nation that love's girls breasts
We suck 'um we lick 'um we are obsessed
Big or small we're not fussed
You can't beat a girls juicy bust

I love boobies and I've finally found a pair
No matter how hard I try all I do it stare
what's the deal, tell me girls, with the bra strap
It's stopping me from getting to those cheeky little chaps

As long as there are tits I won't give a shit
Boobs, tits, jugs, breasts how can we fault the female chest

Boobs, tits, jugs, breasts

Tit''s jubilee's and boobies, hoo hoo's
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