Great Awakening Testo

Testo Great Awakening

Here in this moment in time
We search for wonders for miracles and signs
Something to satisfy the hunger in us all
A human rage from deep within the soul
Like a machine in pursuit
On the horizon like a raging fire we move
Driven by questions in an endless search for truth
There is a stirring in us, a great awakening begins

I believe there's a mighty power
I believe it's a latter rain
I believe there's a move of God
Calling us all higher
Oh I believe
These are the days of the great awakening

More than our hearts can contain
It is an overflow of God's amazing grace
Coming to reconcile a world that's lost its way
Oh, all consuming fire come purify us once again


There's no containing this great move of restoration
It knows no walls, no boundaries or lines
Without a doubt I do believe if we'll just get down on our knees
The latter rain is gonna fall
It's just a matter of time

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