Let The Lion Run Free Testo

Testo Let The Lion Run Free

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
I can dream the dream
The dreamer lives inside of me
It's just that way
And I can only reach
What I believe 'cause I can't reach
Beyond my faith
No, I'm not limited
By what has always been
It's time to break this status quo
And take a leap and jump out of my skin

Break these chains
Open this cage
Let the lion run free
Destiny awaits
Beyond these gates
Let the lion run free
Let the lion run free

Oh, to face the jungle
Of impossibilities
And have no doubt
To trust what I can't see
And know the lion that's in me
will lead me out

Oh I'll take the challenge
go into the great unknown
It's time to wake this giant that's in me
let my inhibitions go

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