Psalm 112 Testo

Testo Psalm 112

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
We only get so many times
To ride around this sun
And so many times
To see a full moon shine
When day is done

If anything's worth doing
Then it's worth doing right
So I looked for wisdom
On how to best live
This brief life
Oooo and I've found..

Blessed is he
Who fears the Lord
Who finds delight
In His commands
Blessed is he
Who fears the Lord
Who finds delight
In His commands

I guess that we all
Gamble on some truth
To guide our days
And we trust that
It will bring us
Joy and meaning
On the way

I've got friends
Who feel betrayed
By all the things
They once believed
So with everything I've seen
I've gotta say
It seems to me
Oooo it seems to me...


Please hear this from a humble heart
But I feel like "Exhibit A"
In the evidence that God is good to those
Who live by faith, that's why I believe


He will not be shaken
He will have no fear
He will then remember
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