Skyward Smiles Testo

Testo Skyward Smiles

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
One day of this,
the setting sun brings life
to all the things i have missed,
can we just wait,
for other days to throw ourselfs
on tracks that hold to this,
take back these moments
that i have just spent with you,
speak to me loud and speak the truth,
will all this love you give
take me to hold me tight,
your skyward smiles bring me life,

where were my actions leading then,
and couldnt i know,
and didnt i have to hold your hand
and didnt i...

look at this sky,
so many things i wish i could
have said to you tonight,
take all these things i feel
and throw them back at me,
our love burned up and fell asleep,

can i just write these words
down as theyre pouring out,
and scream to you straight
from my head will all the things
i did with you happen again,
or did this sky help me to live
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