Talking In Circles Testo

Testo Talking In Circles

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I like it when we roll over and over
And talk to ourselves
It's not like something
I wish that I could have, I won't forget it,
To talk in circles like we do.
And with your half hearted laugh,
I'm forgetting the things I should say.
like when I said I needed help,
When I said I miss you.

Tell me why I look at you the way I do.
Like the way I see your eyes in mine,
Bringing out my softest smiles
And all the things you say to me
Are ringing in my head
And it makes me feel this way,
You always make me feel this way.

My bed is cold on the side that you're missing,
It keeps me awake.
I'm making memories of you
Dreaming and how much I need them.
To talk in circles like we do.
I'm already so sorry,
I'll wait for things to change more.
This pain will bury me
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