Living Hell Testo

Testo Living Hell

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
When did it become routine to follow the weak
In a world led by hypocrites,
Rapists, liars and thieves.
With empty threats of false prophets,
You'll never get the best of me
Welcome in the cruel stings of reality

Stuck- on a spinning time bomb
Tick tick tick, its just a matter of time
Thousands of years procrastinating
Force fed threats of no after life
I'm not living for nothing,
I'm just waiting for a reason to die
I refuse to spend the rest of my life
Praying to an empty sky
In a living hell

No peace
No justice
If there is a god,
He abandoned us
No love
No savior
No one watching over us
In a time where
Only power is wealth
And our fear condemns
Us all into
A living hell

I've been pushed and pulled past the point of no return
From who i was and wouldn't be.
Seen truths, fed lies
Felt the cold but that's how it goes.
It goes and goes and goes
When your born alone as you die the last thing
In the world that you need is more time.
In a living hell
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