More Out Of Today Testo

Testo More Out Of Today

Unemployed just got out of school
Doing nothing acting like a fool
Everything seems so meaningless
Unaware of where to go from here
Busy enough struggling with the fear
Of how to deal with life

Sit around wondering what's in it for me
Is it really to be or not to be
There's gotta be more to it than this
Feeling useless I ain't doing shit
I mean this fucking can't be it
Do I have to live like this?

It's all up to you
Try to pull this through
Get something more out of today
More out of today
You owe it to yourself
I ain't talking 'bout money and wealth
Get something more out of today
More out of today

But it's really up to me
To determine how for things to be
It's time to face the facts
This waste of life has gotta stop
it's time to pick myself up
It's time to get something done
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