Today Is The Day Testo

Testo Today Is The Day

I reach out try to hold on to it
You'll lose it end up in despair
I'm kinda used to things not going my way
I search for ways I think of reasons
For you I see no reason at all
But I'm telling you that today, today is the day

I've got this voice going on and on inside my head
Always there to bring me down
You disapprove with me for that you'll pay
I'd say you're fucked your life is fucked

I try to look at things in a much more positive way
Make the voice go away
This time you'll see that I'll get it right
Your time has come your time has come

There are so many things that you could achieve
If you'd only trust yourself, if you'd only trust yourself
You keep your head up don't look down on yourself
There's so much you can do so much you can do

Always there to bring me down
Point me in the wrong direction
No more cause today, today is the day
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