4:20am Testo

Testo 4:20am

It's like 4: 20 AM
Nigga fuck sleep, it's that grind life
Smoking, Dilla beats on repeat
With your girl in my sheets
Looking cute when she's sleeping
Knocked out cold cause I
Gave that pussy a beating
Niggas going crazy for no reason
Killing over foolishness but
I just stay positive
Steady rapping about the coolest shit
18 with a mind you can't fathom
Got the baddest bitches fighting
Over who should have him
I tell em "slow it down, slow it down
Take your time, ho
It's free love, sharing is caring
But it's time you take that off
There's not much time to be sparing
We getting straight to the point
Hit it them I'm outie
No strings baby
Live my feeling with a groud beat
Cold-hearted, they love it but
They hate it, if you ask about
A nigga they gon' tell you
I'm their favorite, and that
Right there is a little snippet
Of that YSL: Young Sex Life
Your bitch on my dick
Probably cause she know I'm fly as hell
You know, sex life, give it up
Cause you know you lame nigga
6th letter, better know my name nigga
So what's up?
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