Devil Boy Testo

Testo Devil Boy

I slept throught easter yesterday
right through christmas just the same
the priest came up to me all up in arms
he said, "devil boy what have you done?"

the jesuits rolled in thier tanks to my front door
while the capuchins held a love-in on my front porch
the augustinians kept to themselves,
stuck their tongues out in a row
they said, "devil boy, it's off to hell you go!"

so I'll sit and pray for her to call me there
and I'll burn that bridge a 1000 times, on the cross I bear
just to wonder if you're listening from a soap box in the sky
to finally realize my price, was it you or I?

hey devil boy
we're going to blow your house in
hey devil boy
what do you think of that?

for heaven's sake
it's only been 2000 years
and I can't wait any longer for you
for heaven's sake
I'd give away eternity
if you would come back to me, if you would come back to me
if you would come back to me, if you would come back to me
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