His Way, Go Away Testo

Testo His Way, Go Away

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Man's thrown all alone
Wonders what he'll conquer
Woman, she's the one
Power's what she owns
Didn't try, didn't hafta
As man takes on the world

Man makes the mistakes
Blames it on his mother
She laughs then she cries
She plans, understands
Watches as he falters
Man starts every war

And I wanna join
Cuz I know who's side I'm on
And I need to know
What she thinks

His greed in history
His is so inflated
His way, go away
He learned young
To be strong
At least his version of it
Man I'm so ashamed

Uptight, might is right
The proof is in the package
Boys don't ever cry
Sister teaches strong
She's the pure creator
She rules everything


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