Thumbs, Eye-Sockets, Love Testo

Testo Thumbs, Eye-Sockets, Love

I've got you in my sights you fucker
your days are numbered and we're down to single digits
you've had your fun but the end is neigh
I can't sit idly by and watch my heart be devoured
so heres how its gonna be
your head in my hands
my thumbs versus the windows to your soulless existence
and we all know who'll be champion
with every breath I can muster
with every ounce of my love
I will squeeze the very life from you
until all that remains is a sour taste and rainbowed skies
bruises to smiles
so just remember
I'm marking the days from my calendar
and d-day is almost here
this one is for my love
this one is for my life
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