Nothing Left To Lose Testo

Testo Nothing Left To Lose

I've got nothing left, got nothin'
nothin' left to lose
I've got nothing left, I've got nothin'
nothin' left to lose
I just gave it away for nothin', not that it meant anything to you
I've got nothing left, I've got nothin'
nothin' left to lose
I always thought I was a trivia question unfit to be asked
I've given away my fork and spoon but kept my knife for inspiration
lay down in a chrome box with me that's too expensive to die in
and we'll suck the dew of each other's morning lips like wine tastings
lottery season and I'm feeling some sort of compensation
that's about to come my way and help my situation
and if it doesn't help yours at all then you'd have me to blame
for not making an effort to put out the fire before this weather came

you were the new thing in my life that I approached the old way
now you're the sun on my wings made of birds and wax supplies
you're a different season of morning light that can't stay
but that's pretty much my style so I'm not surprised
I've got nothing left that reminds me of assassinated actions
nothing left that binds me to infatuated passions
I've got everything behind me I've relaxed in my attraction
to the unreasonable sacrifice that this little lamb passed on

she never knew the games that I played but I played them several times


(Beavan / Beavan / Breen / Busse Copyright 2004)
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