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Califonia Boys Testo 9Months

Califonia Boys Testo

Testo Califonia Boys

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When I go to high school
My friends think I'm a fool
When I arrived to high school
My teachers start to be not cool
And my girlfriend don't love me
'Cause I look porn DVD
I do skateboard 'cause it's fun
I do skateboard in the sun
I leave in california
And my favourite place is Skatopia
And I leave in L.A.
For this I never pay
We are Califonia boys
For girl we are toys
For high school I'm lazy
And for skateboard I'm crazy
I like Social Distortion
Pop punk is my obsession
I love Blink 182
And the MxPx to
I'm lost in all this punk rock
But forever I listen punk rock
Punk rock
Punk rock
Punk rock...

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