If I Can't Have You Testo

Testo If I Can't Have You

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Another picture on the wall,
Another life I used to lead
Another me that was untrue,
With every memory of you,
Broken in my sleep.
Another moment lost in time,
You talked of love and I agreed,
So many chances passes us by,
Now we've lost the strength to try
Your love was never mine to keep

We can't hold on, we're losing track
So where's the road to take us back
And how did we forget what we believed

If I can't have you,
If the love has gone
If you just can't find it in yourself to
carry on, If you have to leave
Then take my life forever,
Cos I will never be with anybody
else. If I cant have you

With every night I lie awake,
With every day we grow apart
Is there a promise we can't break?
We never learned from our
mistakes, from the very start

Don't look back on yesterday,
Cos that time has been and gone,
Think of what tomorrow holds,
Without you it feels so wrong,
And I can't carry on
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