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Inserito il 12 Maggio 2005
Chiude il Roxy Bar, celebre grazie a Vasco Rossi
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anyone is anyone
coulda been a number one
youre better off at tickin off the competition
its funny how you never tell
folks are down your doing well
youre better off to cord it off the competition
Second place is not the way
you never (cheque/check) you never gave
you'll never tie another race
its not a competition
its not the takin part that counts
but taking on the large amounts
you cant run out of ticket touts
hey yeah its all about the rock
I'm missing that old photograph
remember when we used to laugh
kills you when your looking back
its not a competition
awarded in the magazines
and everybody needs a dream
i think i know whats wrong with me im in the competition
hey yeh its all about the rock
[instrumental gap]
hey yeh its all about the rock

Scarica la suoneria di Rock!
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