Sing-a-long Testo

Testo Sing-a-long

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Everybody in the building has to sing the song
All the boys and all the girlfriends sing the sing-a-long

Think I'm in trouble, there's always a couple
Around me wherever I go
They're out there to bug me
I don't think it's funny
Everybody's laughing at me, yeah

I wanna go out but there's no-one about
All my friends want a quiet one at home
The same age as me and
They're husbands-to-be, yeah
Everybody in the building


I make a move here and I make a move there,
I've got millions of things on the go
I write me the best lines
They're too corny sometimes
Everybody's laughing at me
Chorus (x2)

I know when I find her
There's rings on her finger
I've tried every trick in the book
I've got some hard pride
I've got time on my side
Everybody's gone without me, yeah

Chorus (x2)
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