Stay Gold Testo

Testo Stay Gold

The days go by, I can't remember
how I got here from that December.
When I was eighteen, so young and naive,
With a plan on my mind and no track of time.
It took a few tries for me to realize
That there is something,
there's gotta be something more,
then feeling lost in a world
you don't feel like you belong.

[Chorus: ]
I have found what I have been searching for.
How I feel can't be brought or sold.
You can't break me,
You won't break me,
Cause this heart is made of gold.

I can't remember the last time I've seen this place,
it's just a memory that's been replaced.
I've been on the run since then,
and I don't think I'll ever come back again.
I build myself up to fall apart every time,
and contradict the words that fall in line.
Cause what is left of when we die,
just the way we lived our lives.


The dreams of her chasing so don't come a wasting your life away.
Cause your stuck in a world where everyone knows that they stay the same.
I have found what I have been searching for, woah

[Chorus x2]
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