Fanzz Testo

Testo Fanzz

Olalala Chiquita Señorita

She's a woman and I'm a man
She got dreams and I got plans
But don't you worry
I'll be nice
But I don't need your good advice

So tell me baby what is it
'Cause I don't need this fucking shit
If you love me, love me wise
'Cause I don't need your good advice

Everybody clap your hands, everybody just be fanzz
Everybody shut your mouth
I gotta move on, I gotta be strong

Olalala Chiquita Señorita

Playing drums is kind of easy
Rock 'n roll is very sleazy
So mister teacher you are so wise
But I don't need your good advice

Yes I can play and I can play
And I will show you mister my way
Shit that was nice
But I don't need your good advice


Olalala Chiquita Señorita

Do you know the generation thing?
About the one who's old and slim?
Hey baby boy I've seen the war
You've seen the war but I know more
So tell me sucker, you medium fucker
Your critics smell like jealousy
You need more gain and less sustain
So they forgot to give your brain

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