Entropy Testo

Testo Entropy

Statues of slogans; convictions foam at the mouth
Love is bought and sold at foreclosure auction
Where on your bones do convictions burn?
They're scribbled on a page, hidden from the world
No the words you say don't matter
You just like the way they sound
This time I've with drawn too much
There's nothing left to take from my heart
Every word in indefinite conviction,
And I'm alone in this crowd
I was born with a halo on my head
It follows me around,
Traps my thoughts in the light
Where words can't do their job,
Where tongues get lost in thought
Quick, transfer: I am a river
The levee has broken; I will break ground
Who's suffering for oxygen?
Who's living in a box?
And on the day you leave the cave,
Your eyes will burn out
We've existed forever
I just recently woke up
And when we die
It's for such a long time
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