Feeding Fractures Testo

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Testo Feeding Fractures

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Anxieties, habits
This medicine magic
You found a cure (for what it's worth)
I found mine in excuses
The pharmacist shakes,
Says “I'm prescribing mistakes”
But now I'm taking control,
Yeah I'm finding the faults (diagnosing the problem)
It's a long road home, I'm still mapping my exit
Through memories of windowless rooms
And I asked a doctor once,
“is love on your side or can you just prescribe the feeling?”
but then I broke down, I have to leave this place
I'll leave today, escape in every way
Starting from scratch like an anxiety attack
There's a storm in my head that rains out my mouth
I can't start to scrape on the surface of these mistakes
But I can try to forget them
These lines, they lead back to the roots
We could trace them back but it might break us in two
There are answers out there, I'm just too scared to find them
You can ask any one, I felt it shaking (I'm still in mourning)
Sitting on a throne, it took so long for me to find my place
But this isn't working, our dreams are all sinking
It's time for me to find new ground
I felt it shaking, I'm still in mourning
Are you writing this down?
Our plots in blueprints the moment we think them
Head to hand is the hardest part
I've forged my regrets, paced every step,
And when I leave this place I hope that you'll forget me
I caught a cold and I haven't broken free,
But I'll seek to purge myself and die happily
There are holes punctured in me,
Fracture my bones right at the seems
And just because no one sees,
It doesn't mean that I don't bleed
They forced me happiness like a drug
I was lied to about finding love
But there is hope still, at least I'd like to think so
But I can't be sure
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