Hospice Testo

Testo Hospice

Skyscraper I see, it breathes in two ways
Inhaling disbelief, exhaling disgust
Two kinds of sublime truly victimized by time
Duplicity tears like a broken frame
These frames get harder to fix
When you live in a world without glue in the mix
So I let the past bleed out, it's a hemorrhaging flow
I won't suffer for the dead; you won't reap the tears I sow
What are you working towards?
Who do you suffer for?
And will they follow you (Will you follow through?)
When you can't explain (If I can't explain)
That there is something more to hook on our lures
To make us more productive and happier the same
It doesn't fit the frame
I tested my bravery just so my heart could see
That my mind could still work the same
But you were a factor I couldn't react to
And they're at odds again, a battle I can't win
Was this what I broke my wrists for?
I drew and I drew, the ink wouldn't sit
And now it dirties my hands, I have no will to stand
Sickness to salvation through perdition
My bones will be interred with ambition
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