Algebra Testo

Testo Algebra

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Why can't you just forget about algebra?
It's all about you now
And all your talk of logic and formula
Could never help you now, not anymore

'Cause you were always on the run
From the darkness in your heart
So you wear it on the outside
Of your chest

I have taken the liberty
To tell your ghost to go
Bribing them with sunlight and sympathy
They promised not to show for a while

'Cause you were always the little boy
Who couldn't keep it to yourself
So your heart is on the outside
Of your chest

At the speed of light
You moved inside my home
Nothing is alright
If you are still alone

And your heart
Is greater than
The sum of you
And everyone

But still you're always on the run
From the poison in your lungs
And your heart is on the outside
Of your chest
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