Here Are Many Wild Animals Testo

Testo Here Are Many Wild Animals

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
The route of our journey is traced out in pink
A map of the continents waiting to sink
We're an army in training, me and my band
Making camp in the evenings, grazing the land

We're never alone here
There is lots of unknown here in the brush
Here are many wild animals

We follow the highway through the forest of sparks
They grouped us in twos when we boarded the ark
Shipped off to a city stripped of our tongues
Now we live in a playground eating our young

We're never alone here, no
There's lots of unknown here in the crowd
Here are many wild animals

They're dropping the bomb!
They're dropping the bomb!

Like in the beginning
The number is three
It's a small party of roaches, scorpions and me

Forever alone here
There's lots of unknown here in the glow
Here are many wild animals

Come little kitty
Come little elephant
Come, come hither
Be with your mama
Come little bastard
Come little millionaire
Come, come faster
This is America
Come little rodent
Come little carnivore
Eat your dinner
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