Jersey/california Life Testo

Testo Jersey/california Life

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
it's there where i had left you
and it's then you should have known the reasons why
a phrase that held the miles from decisions
and you never called to stop it from goodbye
and after my car was packed and these maps were spread like paint out on the dashboard
you never thought to call me

i'm driving the world tonight with your face on my mind
all exempt from feeling anything at all
anything at all

it's there where i had known you
and i would live to breathe and think that you're okay
a world that held the life from your decision
to giving up and wanting me to stay

and after the sun came up and let california take it's breath for nothing
my phone was never ringing to tell me not to leave

i picture your face tonight with your hair in yours eyes
all exempt from feeling anything at all

and the months went by like years i didn't see you
i faked a smile bearing gifts of little hope
this christmas will be my last time home

i still think of you every time it snows

let the sunshine while your hair dries
it's my jersey/california life that i live somewhere inside
from the valley where my heart beats
in the nights we grow to feel alive
i'm annulling our goodbyes
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