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Testo Here We Go Again

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[Verse 1:]
We were really in love before
That's when our hearts soared
Faster than we had ever imagined
This time we'll take it slow
We'll let our love grow
And I know
We'll make it happen, my baby

Your supernatural
Kinda unbelievable
That here we are together again

Never thought that
We would be together
Here we go again
(Here we go again, no)

If we hold on
Love will last forever
Here we go again
Here we go again

[Verse 2:]
Friends for so long with me
You know you are all right (All right)

Oh baby

You read my mind and said,
"Let's make sweet love tonight" (Tonight, Tonight)
And I'm gonna do it

Take you on a trip
Aboard a special ship
Called the Escapade of Love (love-love)
Your love gives me a lift
Because you've got that gift
All I want to do is compliment
Because because you turn me on



Here we go again (no, no) [x4]


[Chorus Adlib: until end of song]

Scarica la suoneria di Here We Go Again!
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