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Testo That Girl

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The travel that lead the red head told me where to go
I took your hand to lead you, I wish I would've known
My only adventure was looking in your eyes
Running my hands through your hair beneath the clearest sky

There we danced, sand beneath our feet
I thought that it was safe in your sheets
An angel loved me, the fire consumed me

Those eyes, those lips, those legs, those hips
Your hands, your hair, fire beware!
Your look and touch and that slammed me so much
The tears in your eyes spelled my demise

Walk away, step by step
Loathe to die
My lonely is no more
The ties - solitude

I give up!
Apparently everything is not enough.
I give up!

I walked away, abandoned ship
Denial consumed me in the devil's grip
I thought I was lost, but I was alone
The one who loved me is the one whose gone

You lit a fire, still pushed deep inside
I never was a liar, this can't be denied

Take me to the hands I love the most
Take me to a dream come true
I wanna go home, where the skies are always clear
Nights never last, the dawn is always near

I must move on, must move ahead
I'll sing this song until I'm dead
There's nothing I wouldn't do for you til the end of the world
At least until I go

Don't forget me!
I won't forget you
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