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Testo Glow

Your eyes are saucer wideStaring at the skyWhat you looking forDon?t waste my timeHow can you find your voiceWhen you let the cat get your tongueDon?t you know when the night comesI can glowThe things I knowBrighter than the moonlightYou can shine your light for twoAll these feelings in my heart for youGlowYeah yeah ho hoI landed somewhere in the futureBehind the doorI found I can loveI wasn?t even looking forI broke into a sweatAsking if you?re there yetLet?s colonise this placeAnd fix the human raceBefore it gets too lateDon?t you know when the night comesYou can glowThe things you knowYou bring light gifts into my homeShine brighter than starlightOh your light for twoFeeling in my heart for twoYou will find me blindfoldI can glowYeah yeahThese things I knowI can glowI know the power of darknessLight is the nightKnowledge is the keyTo all we do and seePeace and serenityAre the flowers of our acceptanceYeahThese things I knowYou can glowThese things you knowShine brighter than the moonlightShine your light for twoAll these feelings in my heart for youGlowYour gifts you bring into my heartMy heartThese things I know

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