Home Sweet Home Testo

Testo Home Sweet Home

(Written by A Human)

12 - "Loneliness"

Its another day to watch the S.U.V.'s pull away. Packed with kids complaining about their day.
I see them drive, and walk away. and how I envy them. Every. Single. Day.
Everyday we all walk away, but my feet carry me to a different place,
where my clothes are all gone and my stained mattress lay.
I walk right by the fridge 'Cuz I know there's nothin' in it.
And I sit next to the dryer with my shitty guitar and I sing with it...
Home Sweet Home, What's happened to you?
Ch: Is there a place to belong, or did I just forget?
Home Sweet Home, where is your embrace?
I'm chained up alone, in this cold empty cage.
Looking down the hallway, waiting for a stir. And to my surprise, such an instance occurs.
A family in the room, farthest from my place. They're eating a meal and burning wood on the fireplace.
Rain patters at the windows, and happiness at their faces, I can't help but grimace, when I hear those three words...
Home Sweet Home, just doesn't belong.
Ch: To a sojourner, and his punk-rock pit bull dog.
Home Sweet Home, Sayonara and Goodbye.
Maybe we'll meet someday when I die
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