Keggar Testo

Testo Keggar

Knock, knock, knock, on the door. Three dollars won't pay no more! Drink, drink, drink, drink some more. In my cup the tap pours. Theres people I know and people I don't, some gettin' drunk and some getting stoned. The house is nice, backyard is thrashed. Who gives a fuck, were here to get trashed!
This is our youth!
This is our life!
Sleep all day!
Drink all night!
Knock, knock, knock, on the door. Gun and a badge, don't need no more! Run, run, run, run some more. Won't catch me, I'm out the door. There's people I know and people I don't; runnin' beside me nose to nose. Hidin' in a dumpster from the fuzz, shit out a lung and I lost my buzz...Hey, Lets Go Find Another Keggar!
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