Highway 24 Revisited Testo

Testo Highway 24 Revisited

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
The party was sieged by the drunks and the scorned, still your silence was deafening my ears. I was caught up in your smile then i turned and you were gone. Ten feet tall as i danced right down the stairs.

[Pre-Chorus] After tonight, this frequency becomes static. Ill never be the same. After tonight Ill go back to being bored and alone...

[Chorus] 24 is dark, Dylan's on the radio. Ill never fall asleep again. Mr. Tambourine man if you knew what i know, you'd never fall asleep again.

This cold room has become a tomb. Stuck inside a simple twist of fate. The writing's on the wall. Its all over baby blue. Write it off another one that got away.


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