It's Good To Be Back In Eastern Standard Testo

Testo It's Good To Be Back In Eastern Standard

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Tossed and turned to the gentle humming on another 12 hour drive. Never felt so alone and so crowded in all my life. Never really awake, never really asleep, with a head full of promises my heart can barely keep.

[Chorus]We'll never's been that way since we were kids. Now that your giving in, we're taking chances we never did.

We were raised by our heros on saturday mornings on TV. Those silvery images are now fading from the screen. Ive traded in those illusions for a set of fresh new bruises still knowing they are what i want to be.


[Post Chorus]Theres two kinds of people. Those who dream and those who settle for less. I wont settle for less, I wont settle for what we'd have if we just held out.

[Bridge]Will i find the thing i need to inch me closer to complete in faces that i meet and the company i keep? Are we really awake? Are we really asleep? This is one promise I made that I intend to keep
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