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Testo Broken Confession

Inserito il 11 Maggio 2010
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Fighting this grave storm is a disaster, plunge into the hail as it pours. I'm charging so fiercely against a wall that cannot be torn down. I'm swinging into the rain and the cold, so I thought with warmth all around. Perceiving this storm as it rises will wreck me as the waves come crashing down.

I cave in to repeated poundings, my conscience begs for more. Shipwrecked, this stage is depleting, I never once stood any ground. The winds will bind my hands from hiding, seer my conscience even more, you'll wreak the havoc so blinding until I confess with my words you're right.

This fight will never be mine. A cloud will embrace the rain I once considered my enemy. The mist will rise to this occasion pouring its heart out on me. The waves rise up and I surrender to the wall of eternity.

The water fills me up, fists clenched, exhausting, the waves sink into my throne of endless falling. Please take this fight I once called my own.

I'm drifting deeper with every word, swinging with nowhere to turn. The mist, the waves, the storm I crave was You all along. My cries go deeper than repeated poundings leaving black and blue. The fist of fury which met my jaw knocked me deeper needing You

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