Dead In Your Womb Testo

Testo Dead In Your Womb

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
And now I can only pray that it will rain hard enough to wake me up
From this never ending dream
I haven't stopped falling down this black hole for 40 days straight
And now It is getting hard to breathe. If I had only stayed with you for just five more minutes...
I was never made to be a martyr but I just died for you...or was it because of you?

Have you ever layed awake at night, struggling to catch the air for your lungs all because my night is lonely without you? Have you ever stared at that loved one and felt so alive, and the only thing that separated you is time? Well have you ever been stabbed in the fucking heart? Because now you have. Leave me alone dear, and let me fall, fall down this black hole, I am, So alone
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