I Wont Believe This Testo

Testo I Wont Believe This

Tiziano Ferro, al concerto non si presentano 1000 persone per paura di attentati
I`m screaming from my window
Like you`re the street below
I`m waiting, Oh I`m waiting
I`ve waited oh so long
Can`t we just lay on my roof
And watch the stars above our heads
This plan is oh so full-proof
`Cause you`ll be mine once again
Oh you`ll be mine once again x2

Second day hurts more than the first one
I can`t pretend anymore
The nights are feeling so long
And I am all alone
Oh you`ll be mine once again x4

I can`t believe this
I won`t believe this
Seconds of waiting
You have been waiting
Now you are leaving
No I won`t believe this
Oh I won`t believe this x3