Trainwreck Testo

Testo Trainwreck

Verse 1:

I could never promise I won't let you down.
I won't give my word, you won't get hurt.
But, look at the stars, they don't always shine so bright.
They're above us now, they're above us night after night.
Look at my hands now. They look so empty without yours.
Emotions are footprints in the rain, but my heart pounds like a...


Train wreck, the subway's on fire.
I'll do my best to save what I save.
Smoke or ash, we're never looking back.
As strong as I can, I'll stay on the track.

Verse 2:

I don't always convey exactly the right words.
Sometimes, my tongue is sharp and I yield it like a sword.
But, do you see the waves? Crashing relentlessly on the shore.
Carving stone and rock without retreat in a campaign of war.
Consider my eyes now, bluer than this persistent army.
Emotions are footprints in the rain, but my heart pounds like a...


I'm coming, for you, I swear it's true, I'll let, it stand like a monument, think of me, when you see it, This train, will be on time. The engine is empty, but who needs coal, Trust me, I can't be everything, I'll be here, pounding like a..
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