Young Paul Mccartney Face Testo

Testo Young Paul Mccartney Face

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I won't let this go
Because, because
The truth is
I am better off without a loss

Forbid you
To lie dear
Forbid you
To lie

I'm left
To blame
The same
Thing again

I've seen you falling back
To being the way
You were when you were a blur
You've sowed your heart through the tears

When your well
Run like hell
Run like hell
Run like hell
When your well
Fallen innocent

You're the bad name
That love gives you
But I've found
That you
Everything coming

I won't
Be here
For you
When your gone
I will
Be fair
And leave you
Breathless like me
Nameless like me
Hopeless in need

Ride the snake

When you're well
Run like hell
Run like hell
Run like hell
Run like hell

You're the same thing
That I've been through
But I'm caught
Up in this shallow dream
Breathless like you
Nameless like you
Hopeless in need?
I guess we'll see
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