One Wrong Door Testo

Testo One Wrong Door

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
There?s a small hole at the back of your ...
Oh tell me what have we done
To the only one
I have ever loved
There?s a small ? on the back of your throat
I say ? surrounds as both
Oh how my heart does hurt
By my knees, on the ?
A bullet with my name
There?s was a bullet with my name
? on the back of my neck
My arms ? weak
You are ? hold on
Don?t leave me now
To such a cruel faith
It was one night out of a hundred or more
It was the one wrong turn
To that one wrong door
Do that one wrong ?
With that gun in his hands
burn x4
By my knees, on the ?
In a boring ?
My lover?s ?
By a bullet with my name
There was a bullet with my name
Bullet with my name
There was a bullet with my name
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