Moments Crashed Into Melancholy Testo

Testo Moments Crashed Into Melancholy

You crawl in front of my eyes unwilled to change
Your hands reached to the sky burned by the sun fallen from grace
The ice melted by the heat of your tears your smile pierced my heart
your smile pierced my heart
Your smile pierced my heart like a knife through and through
Every night I found your grave in the middle of nowhere
black flowers hide your name trapped in an isolation
Close the door shut up just hide inside this is my isolation
The memories are casualities of moments in darkness accompanied by
candlelight you are on your stairway to heaven
But there is no heaven anymore
I try to hold you save like a mother her newborn child
but I failed again and again
You buried me alive and I regret that only the dead know
that it is better to be alive
My thoughts crashed into melancholy
My thoughts crashed into melancholy
Moments thoughts crashed into melancholy
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